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5K Running race training

When you are at a beginning of long distance running, it is best to start in step by step mode. It is the best for you and your body to start slowly, and as you are getting fitter, let your ambition fly. 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles race is a good first goal in cases of long distance road running.

Providing that you have a quality distance running shoes and the appropriate healthy diet, you may begin. Fellow runners can provide you with various advices about long distance running, and they can also recommend some of more interesting tracks. In order to achieve your 5k track goal, your training exercises should also be appropriate for that kind of race.

There are many training and exercise programs fit for 5k race preparation, with schedules and structure. Here we will mention some of them, in order for you ti choose the one that suit you the most.

Joe Henderson’s 5K Training Program

Joe Henderson is old time racer, runner and writer of books about running and training. One of his books called Run Right Now has elaborately explained 13 week long training schedule for 5k races, although his program is less structured than some other ones. It is divided by days, and you have easy days, rest days, long days and fast running days.

However, Henderson’s schedule does not specify which day of the week is for each type of run. Allowing the beginner runners some amount of flexibility in creating their own running schedules, according the book’s instructions. Henderson’s running schedule is designed for you to start your long runs at 2 to 3 miles, and then slowly work up to reach 4 or 5 miles per run. This is best suited fro runners who already run 5k races, but want to improve their performances, stamina and speed.

Hal Higdon’s 5K Training Program

Hal Higdon is also a long time runner and racer himself. His training 5k program for beginners is for people who presently can run for about 1.5 miles, and wants to be able to do more. Hal’s running and walking training program should allow them to do just that. Hal Higdon has also an advanced training programs for runners who already run 5k races, but wants to improve their time.

Higdon’s 5k program for beginner runners last for 8 weeks, and it includes start up runs of 1.5 miles and building it up to 3 miles. This program for novice runners also has long run and long walk days in its scheduler.

Jeff Galloway 5K Training Program

There is also Jeff Galloway’s 5k training program which is quite popular. Jeff recommends regular and scheduled walking breaks, in order that runners can achieve long distance runs or races.

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