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How to Start?

Whether future bodybuilder wants to the build mass, tighten the middle part of the body or to lose weight, he/she will need to follow a clearly defined program.

There is no program that is good for everyone. Every person has a different motivation and physical potential, and thus, must do their personal settings if he/she wants to follow the same program.

Training Body Components

Bodybuilders train parts of the body separately by training just one muscle group. Thoroughly training considers 1-3 exercises of one muscle group. Experience shows that this type of training is most effective for bodybuilding. Circular train, on the other hand, allows a bodybuilder to work on other parts of the body without rest.

It is necessary to develop every major muscle group in order to prevent muscle imbalance and reduce the risk of injuries. The main muscle groups are legs, chest, shoulders, back, abs and arms.


One can choose any of the movements that affect a particular muscle group, but beginners should use initial exercises to develop a solid foundation.

The first exercise that future bodybuilder should do includes complex movements.

Some basic movements can be done in many ways, for example, one can do bench press with two-handed weight, weight with dumbbells, or machine.


During the first couple of trainings, bodybuilder should use the easier weight to feel how to properly work exercises. When he/she feels comfortable enough, he/she should start adding weight.

Even experienced bodybuilders should always do the first series as well as warming up with easier weight to provide muscle and connective tissue filling with blood. In the second series, a little weight should be added and exercise should be done again. If a person is able to do 12 repetitions, he/she should add a little more weight. Adding weight is called pyramid training and this is one of the safest ways to train.


The series is a combination of any number of repetitions of one exercise. As a beginner, person will normally do 1-2 light warm-up series for each movement (especially the first movement of certain muscle) before doing the heavy 1-3 series.


Repetition is one performance of one exercise. During first or second week of exercising, future bodybuilder should use less weight so he/she could easily do about 15 reps. It is the best way to gain good shape working on neuro-muscle coordination and getting the feel for proper moving.

After this initial period, to build size and strength one should do 8-12 repetitions per set using weights that allow doing the recommended number of repetitions.

After building the base, bodybuilder can experiment with the program which alternately changes the exercises with high reps (which build muscle endurance) to middle reps (to build muscle mass) and then low reps (to build strength and energy).

Proper Movements

It's much better to use weights that allow performing the movements correctly than great weight that will, sooner or later, lead to injury. Person should use smooth, controlled movements during all stages of lifting which results in high efficiency for bodybuilders.

Frequency and Duration of Training

The body needs at least 48 hours to completely recover from exercise, sometimes even longer. Physiological processes in the cells require rest and nutrients before person can re-train the same muscle group. There is a rule that if bodybuilder feels even a little pain in muscle, he/she isn’t ready to train that body part.

Beginners should train every 2-3 days.

If person follows the exercises, series, repetition and the rest of above recommended, he/she should complete training for about 1 hour.

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