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Weight belts are leather belts which are used for securing the backs of bodybuilders, providing support during weight lifting. Alternatively, some weight belts can be made of nylon.

A great matter of controversy among all who are in the bodybuilding world are weight belts. Even though these items are very important and are being used by many professional bodybuilders, some refuse to accept all the benefits of their usage. Namely, while those who use weight belts do so due to the fact that these items secure their spine and lumbar portion of the spine column, those who do not use weight belts claim that these provide one with a false sense of strength, making him/her attempt to lift more weight that he/she is actually capable of lifting.

The Weight Belt Dispute

Bodybuilders praise weight belts for their protective characteristics, keeping them safe from injuries during exercising and lifting heavy weights. Moreover, they believe that the pressure applied by the belt can protect one's back muscles as well, bettering the bodybuilder's posture, keeping the back in proper position.

Those who are not in favor of these pieces of equipment object to the fact that weight belts can replace a bodybuilder's trunk muscles. Rather, they think that all that weight belts can do is tricking one into believing that he/she can lift more than he/she actually can, leading to an injury or some other complications. Also, in time, the belt can weaken the back muscles, which is something that no bodybuilder wants.

The Choice is Yours

Certain studies have shown that bodybuilders who do not use weight belts have stronger back muscles. Yet, this research is limited to a small number of tested subjects. Thus, you may choose to use weight belts for your benefit or decide that you are better off without them. Nevertheless, keep your health and safety first, regardless of the choice you make.

You can risk getting injured without wearing these protective belts. On the other hand, wearing them can lead to an injury once you try to lift excessive weight. So, the best option is to consult an expert, be it a doctor or a professional bodybuilder, and seek additional information on the subject. Once you know which choice is best for you, you will be able to choose it and enjoy your bodybuilding workout, resting assured that you are safe and well-protected from any possible injuries. Make your choice wisely.

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