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Long distances running are getting a very popular these days. Lots of people want to try to run longer distances, but not all of them are sure how to achieve that. Statistics says that if you are able to run for 30 minutes, three or four days a week, you should be able to run long distances. Nevertheless, here are some tips for you for you distance running efforts.

Secrets to Achieve Better Speeds

One simple advice of how to make yourself running faster is to find a running buddy that is slightly faster than you. That will help you to build up some speed and to always be at a edge of your abilities. If you are running at a track, be on the outside lane, that way you will be running a little further than the rest of your friends and this will help your fitness, too.

Important Tools for Distance Running

In this modern technical era, running shoes are become the state of the art designer tools for running. They are specially designed for running, and diminish the impact and shock to your feet and body. So, good and firm running shoes are a must for every serious distance runner.

Other most important toll for any distance runner is detailed training log. You should choose the type of log with enough space for your 16 weeks running schedule. You should enter in the log morning pulse and weight, distance and time of your daily runs, and some subjective comments, like how did you feel, was it easy or hard for you on that particular day, amount of energy that you felt you have, pains and injuries, etc. later if you develop some problems, you can look back at your log and pinpoint where it all started.

Importance of Rest Days

In order to improve your fitness, body must recover sometimes, and experts also say that fitness is achieved during recovery periods and not in tines of actual running. Most of the running injuries occur because of repetitive stress syndrome, which means that rest days are not for you to stay home because you feel tired, but to allow body to relax and to avoid possible injuries.

Recovery after the Long Distance Run or Race

When you finish you long distance run or race, do not sit down immediately. Walk around for a while, in order to allow your muscles and the whole body to relax gradually. You should also take a lot of fluids and carbohydrates immediately. You can also take a 20 minute lukewarm shower, in order to prevent any muscular damage.

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