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To be able to complete a five kilometer race you need to first ask yourself and be honest about your level of fitness. Some people who do a little bit of exercise could probably manage to run three, four or five km and have a relatively short recovery with a tight muscle or two afterwards. On the other side, those who have absolutely no exercise regime in their life may risk an injury if they do not prepare correctly for this race.

Training Schedule for Running a Five Kilometer Race

You need to think about doing around a minimum of eight weeks full training in the lead up to competing in a five kilometer race. Firstly assess your health, if you have any health issues of any kind, it’s advisable to speak to your doctor first and make sure they can give the OK before taking part in this competition. It’s important that you don’t overdo it, you need to push yourself obviously but read your body and be sensible about it. Next thing to do is attempt a one and a half mile run. As well as doing the exercise training it is just as important to rest. Enjoy your rest days and apply ice packs on joints to prevent any possible strains or sprains from popping up.Just Running

In your exercise days just allow yourself to run, don’t concentrate on the speed so much rather than that, and look at the distance and improving that each time. When you are giving yourself an in-between day which basically means it not a rest day but it is not a full on training day then you can do a combination of walking and running. When you actually do the race you don’t have to just run, you can take small breaks and do some walking. On those in the middle of training days you can swap the walk/run idea with some swimming or some cycling just to add some variety to your program. Besides it is just as important to stay enthusiastic as well as fit.Just Walking

Why is walking always ignored in marathon training. It is an important key to success. It is still exercise and its not hard on your joints. So after your longest run of the week take the time to go for a walk for an hour or so. It doesn’t have to be strenuous. Make sure each week you add more and more distance and time to your training but remember don’t overdo it.

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