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Creating a good bodybuilding exercising list is not an easy task, especially for beginners who usually tend to do as much as they can each session. That is a mistake because for the optimum result, both training hard and resting well are needed. Some say that at least 24 hours should pass between two training sessions, although that period has shorten significantly thanks to many muscle recovery products. For a beginner, the best thing he or she could do is talk to the gym instructor, explain what is wanted from bodybuilding and a good plan will be received.


As for exercises, there are several ways in which they can be divided. One would be dividing exercises into those that use only body weight and those that use additional weight. Also, there are exercises intended to build up an entire muscle group and those focused on only few muscles. Cardio exercises are intended to improve the overall state of the health and are good for reducing excessive fat tissue.


When you spot a bodybuilder, one of the first things that you see are his shoulders. Thanks to the shoulders in front and latissimus dorsi at the back, bodybuilders are very wide. Shoulder exercises for bodybuilding are just a drop in a sea of things needed to do in order to achieve the wanted form. Shoulder muscle consists of three parts, frontal, rear and lateral, and all the three should be maximized in order to achieve that competitive look. Many bodybuilders will tell you that shoulders bring many points with judges in a competition.

There are dozens of exercises for this muscle. It is a complex muscle, naturally big one and it does require a lot of work. There is not one exercise that utilizes all three parts, but different types have to be used for all the three. Dumbbell and barbell shoulder presses are excellent for front and lateral part. Barbell presses include presses to both front and back. Another great exercise is Smith machine press. There are also techniques for dealing with one part specifically, and front raise with a weight plate is a perfect example and cable front raising, too.

Whatever type of exercise used, it is good to know that, in order to reach the maximum effect, supplements will have to be used. Shoulders, torso, legs, arms, back, abs, they all have a natural limit when it comes to muscle mass. To take the game to a next level, supplements are required.

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