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The beginner in case of marathon running is considered to be a person who is not running at least 20 miles per week, for 2 or 3 times. Although you may be involved in other sport or extensive physical activities, and have a high level of fitness, in cases of marathon running, you are still considered a beginner. This is because the physical strain and hardships that body must endure during marathon race is quite different than with almost any other sport activity.

So after you accepted yourself as a beginner in marathon running terms, here are some advices and tips of how to get in shape and make successful training schedule for marathon running.


Besides high quality running shoes, pedometer may be your most important piece of equipment when prepare to run a marathon race. They are inexpensive and they can help you gather data for your training log, like distances covered, time and other important details.

Short Runs

Short runs are important part of marathon running preparations. They are based on time rather than on distance, and the paste used in a short runs is much faster then usual.

Recovery Time

It is very important to allow your body and particularly muscles time to recover, so in order to do that you must have some rest days in your running scheduler. Some scientist found out that body is getting fitter in periods of recuperation and rest after long and hard runs, than in the process of running. These rest days have to be in your scheduler at least two times per week.

Cross Training Sessions

Cross training in marathon preparation scheduler are also important. Any form of exercise besides running or jogging are considered to be cross training sessions, and in them you can walk, cycle or swim. All of these activities are important for your’s body strength and endurance.

Long Runs

In course of preparation for your marathon run, you will gradually make longer and longer runs. It is a good idea to try to enter 5k or 10k race first, just to see how it goes. This is important especially in cases that you never participate in the long distance race before. Only thing to keep in mind is not to overuse yourself with especially long runs too close to the marathon race, because your body will not have enough time to rest, relax and to recuperate.

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