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When we talk about bulking up and increasing muscle mass, there are only two things that come in mind and those would be lifting as much weight as possible and the use supplements of course. Let's discuss both.


There is no mass without weight and there are no big muscles without giving all you can in a gym. Many bodybuilders will say that the most important rep is the last one, when the muscles are on a brink of exploding, when the entire body is jerking to do that final push. And what is also important, after that, another rep should be tried, because that is the only way of progressing as a bodybuilder. Being this active will make the muscles strong and weight will be easily overpowered, which demands more and more weight. And, that happens up to a moment when the limit in mass is finally reached. It is very debatable if some more mass can be gained, and how fast or slow that will happen with the weights only. This is the perfect time for introducing supplements, if that has not happened before.


Many will say that a bodybuilder is not a bodybuilder if he or she does not use the supplements. There might be true to that, although the term itself does not mean that additional things besides the body itself are needed. Well, supplements are definitely needed if a bodybuilder wants to be a competitive one and to reach the final maximum that a body can have. Basically, supplements are divided into gainers and reducers. Of course we are talking about fat burners and muscle mass gainers. Fat burners are optional, and they should be used only if there is excessive fat. Other supplements include vitamin cocktails, energy boosters, hormones, amino acids etc.

But there is another way to divide supplements, into artificial and natural ones. Even though both types should be safe and healthy, there are still some that simply do not believe in taking too much chemistry, which is why an introduction to bodybuilding herbs might be needed. So, several basic herbs that can and should be used by bodybuilders are gingko biloba (which should be excellent for concentration and focus), tribulus terrestris (which is used for enhancing the secretion of testosterone) and some herbs for energy boosting such as jiaogulan and suma root. Of course, before using the herbs or any other supplement, it is very important to carefully read the labels (perhaps there might be some allergen) and if some health issues emerge, the intake of supplements should be ceased immediately.

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