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The World is Your Gym

Exercising by using machines can be useful. However, it is rarely fun. Thus, after several months of running on the treadmill, you are likely to get bored, working out on auto-pilot. However, this does not necessarily have to be so.

Many people neglect outdoor workouts, for reasons like environment, lack of equipment etc. This is absolutely wrong. Take your bicycle and ride around the neighborhood. You may notice trees, playgrounds, stairs, paths, hills and many other things which can be incorporated into your workout schedule. So, get out of the room and use the world around you as a gym. Of course, first you need to know what you will use, so do the exploring before actually starting your workouts and plan the routinebeforehand.

The “How to” on Outdoor Exercising

The first thing you need to do is to start your trainings around the closest neighborhood. Look for hills, upward and downward oriented tracks, stairs and other things which can help you exercise. Jog, run or walk among calming trees, counting the distance, sprinting and moving around your own personal running track, with or without obstacles, hurdles and other things you invent on the road.

Next, visit nearby schools. There, you have good pavement, playgrounds and other such things where you can find equipment for pull-ups, stretching and other forms ofexercising.

Stay active during your trainings, both physically and mentally. Analyze the ground beneath your feet, enjoy every breath of the nature, and live for the moment, getting into your healthy routine completely.

Challenge yourself and be creative. Remember, the whole world is your gym. So, if you feel like climbing trees or jumping around, skipping roots, plants or who knows what, do it. Every kind of activity is a good one, as long as you are safe. What is more, you may incorporate your own children into your workout, playing sports with them, chasing them around and doing various physical activities they themselves do.

Use the backyard as well. There, you can have all the things you need: bumps, bars, stairs, pavement, grass etc. Also, whenever you are outing, you may take a backpack and place your weights, jumping rope and other exercise equipment in it, having your mobile gym with you wherever your feet take you.

Finally, do not get too carried away, visiting too remote places, or those you are not familiar with. If you can, it is best not to go alone. Also, stay hydrated all the time, make sure you take breaks and carry your mobile phone with you in case of emergency.

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