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When it comes to exercising at home, people tend to think that it might not be as efficient as working out in a gym, but that is a completely wrong. This is because there are so many interesting and effective training sessions that can be done at home or in a gym, with or without weights, additional tools, devices like treadmills, elliptical trainers etc.


Cardio workout is especially effective when it comes to inducing a fat burning process. There are many excellent fat burning home cardio exercises that can easily reduce the excessive weight. Easily might not be the right word, but actually, all that is needed is some patience and strong will. Also, it is important to exercise properly and to execute exercising forms the way they are meant to be done, no matter how hard it might seem at some point.

Since cardio workout does not require too much strength, muscle contractions are slow and that allows oxygen to be included in muscle contraction process, which enables a practitioner to work out for a long period or to execute many repetitions in a set (which is not the case with anaerobic, resistance training).

As for actual exercises, a lot of things can be done. Running is very effective, but it requires purchasing a treadmill, or perhaps elliptical trainer. Some say that elliptical might be even better for a fat reduction process because of more active upper body. There is a difference in motions between treadmill and elliptical trainer. Elliptical involves the use of hands, which activates torso too. Elliptical might even be a bit healthier because feet are constantly on the panels, so there is no physical strain on the ankles. Aerobics should also be performed, it emphasizes elasticity and flexibility along with the fat burning. For creating a better body shape, some additional weight should also be used.


Some advanced combined training should include fast aerobics for warming up (with knee jumps, jumping jacks, side jumps etc.). Push ups done with falling on the hands and then standing up is also something that should be included, since it is increasing muscle strength and cardio aspect is also present. As for weights, dumbbells should be used, mid weight, so reps can be done fast without exhausting the muscles. Bicep curls and shoulder press could make a good combination. These exercises should be done one after another and then the entire series should be repeated without any pause. That is the best way to reach the maximum results.

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