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What can be done for creating a fit and strong body? We are nottalking about bodybuilding type of a body, but a body with lean muscles and noextra fat. This can be done with the help of cardio workout, which is anexcellent choice when it comes to fat burning. So, what is cardio and howcan it be applied?

Cardio workout

The term cardio has been used forall those exercises that improve the functioning of cardiovascular system(heart muscle and blood vessels). Cardio workout is based on using low level ofmuscle strength, which does not exhaust muscles easily so the exercise can beperformed continuously over a longer period. This is what actually makes thebody spend more energy than with any other type of exercising, and what isalso important, since the entire body is engaged, fat burning process ishappening throughout all areas in the organism. It has to be said that there isalso fat tissue inside the walls of inner organs, which can also be veryproblematic for cardiovascular health so it should be eliminated. But for this,dieting is needed besides exercising.

Exercising with ellipticaltrainer

It is not yet clear whichexercise could be called the best when it comes to cardio workout, but it canbe said that applying several different forms might be the optimum option. Forexample, elliptical exercise machines improve cardiovascular health and thisexercise can be used as only a part of the training session, or as a completesession. When only elliptical is used, of course, only cardio workout is done,but it can also be combined with some free weight techniques for some muscletoning (free weight can be used for cardio too, when they are set at lowlevel).

Elliptical exercise machine is agood fat burner and according to some experts, it is even better thantreadmill. This is because arms are more involved, they are constantly pushingback and forward while holding the vertical bars on the trainer. Movementperformed with elliptical trainer is similar to ski walking and with feetconstantly on the pads/pedals, this posture is a bit safer for ankles and knees(because these joints may get hurt relatively easily while jogging or using atreadmill).

It is obvious that for fatburning only elliptical exercise machine or any other type of workout isneeded. Best results are made with the help of combining dieting and cardioexercising.

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