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Information on Wheat Bread

Wheat bread may be a clever addition to any weight lossdiet. Bread is an inevitable part of virtually any diet around the world and itis actually among the oldest types of prepared food. Pizzas and sandwiches arealso enjoyed by people of all ages everywhere around the world. There arenumerous different types of bread such as Italian, Cuban, French, croissant,baguette, German and so on.

Every different variety of bread is full ofdifferent types of precious nutrients. One should avoid consuming the original varietyof white bread as much as possible.

The preferred option should be the wholewheat grain flour bread because it is an excellent source of bran, vitamin Eand germ. All different varieties of whole grain bread cannot be spongy andsoft like their white counterparts. They are always heavy, grain and firm andthey can be characterized by a very rich texture. The size and the variety of thewheat bread usually dictate the amount of calories contained.

Nutritional Value of Wheat Bread

One slice of wheat bread usually contains 128 calories. 100grams of wheat bread contain 278 calories. Each thin slice of wheat bread contains92 calories, While 1 oz of wheat bread contains 79 calories. Each slice ofwhole wheat bread also contains about 20.85 grams of fiber carbs. Every averageslice of whole wheat bread contains approximately 74 percent carbohydrates, 17percent total fats and 9 percent proteins.

Each slice of 100 percent wholewheat bread with crust removed contains 30 calories. 100 grams of breadcontains approximately 246 calories. 1 oz of 100 percent whole wheat breadcontains around 70 calories. One regular slice of this type of bread contains69 calories, one large slice contains 79 calories while one thin slice contains57 calories.

Each slice contains approximately 11 grams of fiber carbs. Itcontains 71 percent carbohydrates, 14 percent total fats and 15 percentproteins. One slice of 100 percent toasted wheat bread contains approximately69 calories. 100 grams of the toasted bread contains 277 calories, while 1 ozcontains 79 calories. Each slice contains somewhere around 11.11 grams of fibercarbs, 70 percent of carbohydrates, 15 percent total fats and 15 percentproteins. One slice of commercial whole wheat bread contains 69 calories. 100grams contain 247 calories, while, 1 oz contains 70 calories.

Each slicecontains 11.01 of fiber carbs, 71 percent carbohydrates, 15 percent fat and 14percent proteins. It also contains sodium, potassium, sugars, monosaturated fatand saturated fat.

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