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Information on Ham

Ham is always a welcome addition to numerous different typesof breakfast. Ham is very delicious, but there are people who think that theirhealth and a good looking body are much more important than eating deliciousfood. Those people are very cautious about the amount of calories they ingestthroughout the day.

Calories in Ham

1 medium slice of whole fresh ham contains 114 calories ofwhich there are 66 calories in fat. It contains no carbohydrates and itcontains approximately 11.22 grams of proteins. Each ounce of whole raw hamcontains 40 calories of which there are approximately 15 calories in fat. Itcontains no carbohydrates and it contains somewhere around 6 grams of proteins.3 slices of sliced extra lean ham contain around 69 calories of which there 16calories in fat. Those 3 slices also contain 1.66 grams of carbohydrates and10.89 grams of proteins. 2 slices of regular sliced ham with 11 percent fatcontain 91 calories of which there are 43 calories in fat.

The two slices alsocontain 2.14 grams of carbohydrates and 9.3 grams of proteins. A serving of 85grams of roasted ham contains 130 calories of which there are 40 grams in fat.The serving does not contain any carbohydrates but it contains approximately 21grams of proteins. A Serving of 52 grams of baked ham contains 60 calories ofwhich there are 15 calories in fat. That same serving also contains 1 gram ofcarbohydrates and 9 grams of proteins. Ham usually contains very little or nocarbohydrates at all, but it is commonly a very good source of proteins.

Ham Nutrition Facts

An ounce of ham usually contains no less than 430 milligramsof sodium which is equal to 20 percent of the daily amount of sodium requiredby the human body. Ham is also a good source of zinc as it contains up to 4percent of it and it is also a good source of phosphorus as it contains up to 8percent of this essential mineral. Ham contains almost no sugar at all. Eachounce of ham contains up to 15 milligrams of cholesterol. Ham is an excellentsource of B complex vitamins as it contains 20 percent of thiamin, 4 percent ofvitamin B12, 8 percent of niacin, 8 percent of vitamin B6 and 4 percent ofriboflavin. Ham is rich in myoglobin as well. It is not recommended for thosewho suffer from different types of cardiovascular problems.

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