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Information on Hamburger

It is an unfortunate fact that all of those who enjoyhamburgers would probably significantly reduce the frequency of eating them ifthey were aware how much calories they contain. Those who want to lose excessweight should especially avoid hamburgers because they are jam packed withcalories. The main problem is that most of those calories in hamburgers comefrom fat. There is nothing wrong with having a hamburger from time to time butit is not recommended to eat them on a regular basis.

Hamburger Nutritional Value

A single patty hamburger which has a regular size containssomewhere around 279 calories. Of all those calories, approximately 121calories come from its fat content. A large hamburger may contain up to anenormous 426 calories of which there are usually 206 calories in the fatcontent. An average hamburger bun usually contains up to 120 calories.

Aserving of 85 grams of hamburger meat usually contains up to 200 calories. Eachregularly sized hamburger contains up to 13.5 grams of fat of which there areapproximately 4.1 grams of saturated fats. Each large hamburger may contain upto 22.9 grams of fat of which there may be 8.4 grams of saturated fats whichare very harmful.

A regular hamburger contains approximately 26 milligrams of cholesterolwhile a large hamburger may contain up to 71 milligrams of cholesterol. Alldifferent types of hamburgers with different sizes may contain from 475 to 500milligrams of sodium. Hamburgers are a good source of proteins. A smallhamburger contains up to 12.9 grams of proteins while a large hamburger maycontain up to 22.6 grams of proteins.

Lean Hamburger Nutritional Value

It is very hard giving up the favorite delicacy such as abig juicy hamburger. But one may try certain other varieties of hamburgerswhich also taste good but may also be much healthier than the ordinary ones. Aground hamburger contains 145 calories, of which there are 50 calories in thefat contents, which are much better values than the values of ordinaryhamburgers. Those who are trying to lose excess weight should definitely giveground hamburgers a try. Lean hamburgers contain significantly lower amounts ofcalories than their ordinary counterparts. A lean beef hamburger contains up to5.6 grams of fat. Out of those, there are 2.5 grams of saturated fats. Leanhamburgers also contain somewhere around 55 milligrams of sodium and 22.3 gramsof proteins. They are also a good source of certain types of nutrients such asphosphorus, vitamin B12, selenium, vitamin B6, zinc and niacin.

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