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Soft boiled eggs are an excellent food item, because thecooking method does not affect the taste and the nutritional value of the egg.Soft boiled eggs are an excellent choice for breakfast, and they are quitepopular everywhere around the world. The cooking process involves boiling anegg in the water for some time. Eggs can also be hard boiled.

Soft Boiled Egg

Soft boiled eggs are among the most popular food itemseverywhere in the world. The nutritional value of the egg does not getcompromised because of the cooking method. It is the preparation method whichdecides upon the calories contained in an egg. Soft boiled eggs need to beboiled only for a short amount of time which is sufficient to kill all theharmful bacteria present in the eggs. Soft boiled eggs consist of a cooked eggwhite and a partially cooked yolk whose structure is almost liquid. Soft boiledeggs always need to be consumed immediately after the preparation. They arecommonly served in egg cups because they keep the yolk in place. Preparation ofa soft boiled egg is an art for some people, and the way it is meant to beserved is quite specific as well. They are commonly consumed along withbuttered toast strips, commonly referred to as soldiers in the UK.

Soft Boiled Egg Calories

Soft boiled eggs contain fewer calories than any other eggrecipe such as sunny side ups or fried eggs. They can be served with wholegrain bread and several types of salads. Each medium sized soft boiled eggcontains approximately 80 calories. Of all those calories, there are 50 of themcontributed by the fat content. The same egg contains 6 grams of fat, out ofwhich there are 2 grams of saturated fats. A soft boiled egg also contains 60milligrams of sodium, 5 percent of vitamin A, 7 grams of proteins, 3 percent ofcalcium, less than one gram of carbohydrates and 6 percent of iron. The amountof calories contained in a soft boiled egg is significantly low when comparedto certain other food items which are commonly consumed regularly on a dailybasis. Pregnant women or children should not consume soft boiled eggs. Elderlypeople and those who suffer from a weak immune system should also steer clearof soft boiled eggs. This is because soft boiled eggs can be related to theoccurrence of certain types of infections and viruses.

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