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Every one of us has at least once experienced a pins and needles sensation. The sensation may have been limited to certain parts of the body or it affected the entire body. Pins and needles sensation is medically known as paresthesia. This particular sensation can be temporary and may be considered normal. Only if it lingers or frequently occurs it must be diagnosed for the underlying cause as soon as possible. Pins and needles can affect all parts of the body, but they commonly occur in the feet.

Causes of Pins and Needles Sensations

Pins and needles sensation typically occurs if the body or some of its parts have been in an awkward and unnatural position for a long period of time. For example, whenever a person leans on a pole in an awkward position and stays in it for a while the circulation may be affected and this eventually results in pins and needles sensation. The problem occurs when a person changes position.

However, pins and needles sensation or paresthesia is a characteristic of some more serious medical condition associated with damage to the nervous tissue. Compression of certain nerves, sciatica, nerve injury of any kind and nerve entrapment are commonly accompanied with pins and needles sensation. Damage to the nerve tissue can also develop as a consequence of vitamin deficiencies, alcoholism and certain illnesses among which the most significant one is diabetes. Even tumors (both, benign and malign) may compress a nerve and induce a pins and needle sensation in the area innervated by the particular nerve. And finally, damage of the nerve tissue and subsequent paresthesia may result from intake of certain medications or toxins.

Treatment for Pins and Needles Sensation

If a person experiences frequent pins and needle sensation or if the sensation lingers or even becomes more intensive a person is due to consult a doctor as soon as possible. The problem must not be neglected. If damage of the nerves is diagnosed on time it can be successfully treated.

The treatment for pins and needles depends in the underlying medical condition. Patients suffering from conditions such as diabetes must undergo regular neurological examination and timely setting of the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy. Some patients may benefit from physical therapy. If the symptoms are caused by excessive intake of alcohol one is supposed to abstain from this unhealthy habit and vitamin deficiencies are corrected with proper diet or vitamin supplements. And finally, tumors which compress nerves and cause pins and needles sensation are treated surgically.

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