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Foot burning sensation is a very common problem and it can bring great discomfort in the lifestyle. This sensitive and hot feeling in the feet usually occurs in the central area of the foot, but it can also be felt in the calves or ankles. But these cases are very rare. This problem attacks all age groups and both sexes, but it seems that it prefers the women older than 50 a bit more. Stinging of the foot begins when the problem becomes too severe and it can be accompanied by redness, inflammation and pain.


There are several possible causes of this problem and one of them is a trauma or injury of the foot, leading to the toe fracture. Excessive stress, running in improper or ill fitted shoes and bad sprain can cause foot-burning sensation. When the surrounding tissue of the nerve in the foot grows, the problem called neuroma is present and it leads to the irritation of the nerve and the burning sensation. Another possible cause is the compression of the nerve, or the tarsal tunnel syndrome. Athlete's foot may also be a cause of the problem, and it is associated with certain fungi on the feet. It prefers damp and warm area, and wearing sweaty shoes for a long period of time increases the chances of having this problem. Itchiness and scaling of the area affected is experienced once the problem is created, along with the stinging emotion. Shoes and socks can cause allergic reaction that can lead to burning sensation in the foot. Also, the detergents can cause allergic reaction. High levels of glucose in the blood can sometimes cause damage to the legs and feet and this can lead to the problem of the burning sensation. This problem is associated with diabetes. Pins and needles sensation accompanies the burning sensation, which is experienced usually during the night. There are several other causes of the problem, such as liver problem, kidney problems, some forms of arthritis, circulatory problems, obesity, alcoholism and smoking. In some cases, the cause has even proved to be hereditary.


You need to rest and keep the foot elevated if you are suffering from a mild burning sensation. Try not to apply ice directly, but you can soak the foot in cold water. Medical intervention is needed if the leg pain and numbness are experienced too. There are some tests performed in order to diagnose the problem and some of them are blood test, nerve conduction, physical examination, medical history and X-ray. The culprit can be a certain disease, and if this is the case, this disease has to be treated. You can also massage the feet and remember to maintain good feet hygiene. Do not hesitate with the treatment once the problem is present and make sure to include some alterations to the lifestyle and diet. Try to eat fruits with high level of vitamin C, avoid alcohol and smoking in order to eliminate the burning feet sensation.

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