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Characteristics of Numbness in Feet

Sometimes, when we sit on our legs andfeet, or hold them in unnatural positions for too long, they tend toget numb. Namely, this happens due to temporary obstructions insidethe blood streams supplying our limbs with blood and oxygen. Uponremoval of these obstructions, by sitting correctly or changingposition, our blood starts to flow through these limbs again, causingstrange sensations. In these situations, we tend to feel a tinklingsensation mostly referred to as “pins and needles”. This lastsfor a short period of time resulting in normal feeling in our feetafterwards. Alternatively, a pinched nerve may lead to numbness inone's feet, returning to normal once the nerve itself gets free fromthis situation. Nevertheless, if this strange sensation remainspersistent, or occurs more frequently without any specific causes,there might be something more serious behind it.

Reasons Behind Numbness in Feet

First and foremost, numbness in feet isoften experienced by pregnant women. This can happen due to two reasons.One is having too much fluids in their feet. Then, this excessiveamount of fluid presses the nerves located in the feet themselves,triggering the numbness. The second reason presents pressing a spinenerve due to excessive weight. Pregnant women gain weight as theirchildren grow in their wombs, leading to this condition, possiblyresulting in feet numbness.

Alternatively, the numbness may serveas an indicator of another underlying disease. For example, diabetes,as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and multiple sclerosis all causethis condition somewhere during their development. Additionally,sciatica presents an illness having the same symptoms, possiblyaffecting your back too.

Sometimes, if you are wearing shoes notfitting you right, you might experience numbness or “pins andneedles” in your feet. Wrongly sized or shaped shoes tend to pressonto the nerves in your feet, triggering this condition.

Finally, nerve damage or compressionmay be caused by a direct injury like falling or getting hit. In suchcases, there is a high likelihood of this sensation in feet as wellas other body parts. Vitamin B-12 deficiency adds on to the list ofpossible causes.

Possible Treatment

As far as treatment is concerned,underlying causes need to be taken care of in order for this symptomto disappear. Therefore, any possible diseases need to be cured,injuries healed and wrong lifestyle issues changed. You may need tochange your shoes, or start intaking more vitamin B12. The same goesfor other causes. Upon their removal, the numbness will surely stopand your proper feet sensations will be back anew.

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