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Foot pain can be caused by many things. It can be localizedand affect only the foot, but in some cases the pain could spread further and causepainful calf muscles which is extremely uncomfortable condition. How much pain you willsuffer from and how long it is going to last depends on a person.

Common Causes of Foot Pain

Ill fitting shoes, overuse of the feet, athletes’ foot,contact dermatitis or nutritional deficiencies can make anyone’s foot hurt. Wearingthe shoes that don’t fit properly is one of common causes of foot pain. Try notto make the wrong decision and don’t buy some ill-fitting shoes. Flat feet areknown to cause many troubles. These people’s weight is not properly distributedon the whole foot but more on the inside of the feet soles and this causes thepain and burning. So, if you have this problem, always wear shoes with an adequatefoot support or arch support insoles.

Standing on your feet for a long period of time is alsoknown to cause burning pain in the feet. Athlete’s foot, on the other hand is fungalinfection of the feet. It is usually found in moist spaces between the toes andit causes stinging, burning, itching and itchy blisters.

Contact dermatitis occurs in skin exposed to irritants andit is often seen as rash. If it affects the feet it has been known to provokesome burning pain.

Lack of vitamin B12 in your diet may also be the cause ofburning pain you are feeling in the feet.

Medical Problems Associated with Foot Pain

Medical conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, tarsaltunnel syndrome, eryhtromelalgia and Morton’s neuroma can also be the reasonfor the burning pain in your feet.

Peripheral neuropathy is common in uncontrolled or poorly controlleddiabetes. High level of blood glucose damages the nerve endings in the feet andhands, leading to numbness, lack of sensation and occasionally burning pains.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome or TTS is caused by the compressionof the nerves in the ankle, usually because of tendon inflammations or due to someinjury. This condition is known to cause numbness, tingling and radiating pain.

Eryhtromelalgia (EM) is a disorder associated with abnormalflow of blood in the extremities. Feet may not be getting enough blood and as a result patients may experience feet redness and ball foot pain.

Morton’s neuroma is caused by inflammation of the nervestraveling to the toes. This can be seen as the swelling between 3rdand 4th toe and patients often complain about cramps, numbness andball foot burning pain.

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