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There is a reason for every pain and discomfort we experience on our body. Finding the reason for the breast pain can sometimes be very difficult.

If you are suffering from breast pain, it is important to get medical assistance in this situation. Sometimes a reason can be a very mild medical condition, and sometimes, a very serious one. This condition may produce further complications, so consulting a professional is an obligation to you. However, we can state several most common causes for breast pain in women. The first one is neuropathy. The Mayo Clinic explains that a possible danger of nerve damage may occur, which will endanger the communication between the body and the brain. There may also be a certain change in body function, decreased, increased or just not normal. Neuropathy, diabetes, diabetic neuropathy and various sclerosis can produce this sensory sensation in a female breast. The pain in the breast, which can be described as tingling, burning, itching or prickling, can suggest a condition called parathesia. This medical condition usually happens without any physical cause, but it generally occurs when nerve damage exists. Next cause of the pain in the breast can be a condition connected with the bones. This disease functions in the way which will now be described. Our bones have a metabolism and they change. When the metabolism is altered, the new bone cannot be recycled. This inability to recycle an old bone to the new bone is named Paget\'s disease. All of this results in very frail bones which can be broken very easily. Paget\'s disease induces burning emotion in the breast, redness, nipple discharge, flattened or inverted nipple, itching and a lump on areola or nipple. Some researches have found that a sensation in the female breast may be induced by exposure to some heavy metals or trauma to the nerves. We have already mentioned a possible reason for this sensation, the diabetes. To diabetes, we can also add too much pressure put on the nerve or this nerve\'s spinal attachment. These conditions produce the experience of pins and needles, burning or tingling emotion. The nerve entrapment can also produce just stated symptoms. Cerebrovascular event can be blamed for breast pain. This condition causes the interruption to the brain\'s blood supply. It causes the injury and death of cells in a distinct location. Symptom is a burning sensation. If you are experiencing a swelling, pain and tenderness of your breasts, and you have silicone implants, then these symptoms may indicate a possible damage of the implants. But if you are having this problem, don\'t be scared by the thought of breast cancer. Visit your doctor in order to get a valid diagnose.

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