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Creating a strong body is much easier than it seems at the first glance. The only thing needed is some time dedicated to this process, and it should be for the best if it is an everyday activity. The muscle groups that need bulking up can be divided into arms, legs and torso regions and for those muscles to get strong, gym is not required, even though beginners think differently. All that is necessary is space for us to exercise. Upper body workout without weights is possible and it can be very effective.

No weights allowed

People that say that weight needed for exercise is nothing more that the weight of the body itself might be right. Simply, because we have no barbell or dumbbells, it does not mean that we cannot become strong and develop some fine looking muscles. How is it done? Well, when it comes to torso, there is really one exercise that comes to one's mind first – push ups. Even though some will say that it is for arms only, that is not so. While performing push ups, more or less all muscles in torso area are activated, some with more, some with less intensity. Entire arm and deltoid muscles can be bulked up with several forms of pushups and it is noticeable that, when performing this exercise, back and abs are affected too.

Push ups

Standard push up would include palms on the ground at the shoulder level with the back and legs in the same line. For triceps, palms should be put one next to another, at the lower torso level, near abs. This exercise is even harder because of the additional strength needed for keeping the balance. Legs can be crossed or positioned very wide. An interesting exercise includes wide spread legs, with palms near the legs, as much as possible. Of course, the body is bent and sliding can begin forward and back, which is great exercise for muscles, elasticity and balance.

Legs can be at a different level for which a chair can be used. With legs up and hands positioned as wide as possible, we get an exercise that beside arms, strengthens also the pecs (breast muscles). There are also reverse stand up push ups that might require the maximum out of the muscles and they cannot be done easily. Another hard push up is one-handed push up that also works the back muscles.

Push ups are just one exercise, but there are squats, abs and some other that can create a great training session that can be performed in the comfort of one’s bedroom. No gym, no weight, no spending money.

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