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Choosing a proper workout type is very important because it will help the determine the body shape and also the speed of excessive fat elimination.

Additional weight

Using weights is excellent for increasing muscle mass but also using only body weight can be effective. Why is natural bodyweight training the best way to get into shape? It seems that people who have a problem with extra weight should focus on reducing those extra pounds. When all fat is gone, then a they could turn to creating a bulking up effect. Until that moment, body weight should be more than enough, especially if that weight is really high. The effect created by push ups, for example, is not the same for all people. Bigger the weight, bigger the bulk up effect, without the additional weight. Using only bodyweight is the most natural type of muscle mass workout, because it will develop muscles able to carry their body easily. Also, it has to be emphasized that muscle mass is heavier than fat tissue, and that there might be problem for the backbone and heart to carry that weight.

Focus exercises

Push up is an excellent exercise for the entire body with the focus on arms. Biceps, triceps, pecs, shoulders, even abs and back area are affected with this exercise. Push ups can be done with positioning palms close to each other, which is great for triceps, while widening that distance will shift the main tension towards shoulders and pectoral muscles. Abdominal muscles must also be performed. Sit ups and crouches should be performed constantly because those are great exercises not only for abs, but for the entire torso too, especially if hands are put behind the head. Abs are excellent for strengthening the core area, which should be strong for easier performing of all exercises, but also for keeping the proper posture. Pull up is another great exercise that definitely uses only weight of the practitioner. There are two ways of performing this exercise. One includes using only arms for lifting the body, while in the other form, torso is being jerked up, so that lifting becomes a bit easier. Second method might not focus that much on arms, but on the other hand, torso is maximally used.

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