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In order to build muscles at home, all you need is a little space and a lot of will and determination. Exercises that have to be used are simple, but effective, and even though exercises do increase the strength and build up overall body health, a diet has to be included as well. With a good combination of diet and physical activity, over some time, excellent results will come.

Push ups

Many people do not understand much the importance and effectiveness of push ups. All that is needed is space on the floor to spread the body and nothing more. Push ups are a great exercise because even though it looks like only arms get stronger, actually most of the muscles in the body have benefits. Doing push ups is great for deltoid muscles, back muscles, legs and abdominal muscles, although in order for those different muscles to get activated, different forms of push ups have to be done. For triceps, palms have to be positioned close one to each other and in lower torso area. Building of deltoid muscles requires positioning hands very wide and at different distance from shoulders. There are several more things that could be changed. Height of the body can be changed and the level of the leg position can also be different. All these changes can affect different muscles and build them up to a maximum.

Push ups is only one of the exercises that should be done, but there are still some others that should be included in a workout session and those are abdominal muscles exercises, squats and lunges. Abdominal muscle exercises, aka crouches, also have several different forms and those are used for building lower, upper, and side abs. Lunges are good for quads and overall leg strength.

Creating a good training session is not that easy, and opinions are divided on how many sessions there should be in one week. Some say that everyday training sessions are required, while others claim that this schedule does not leave enough time for the body to rest enough, which is needed for the next session to be effective. Perhaps the best thing would be to try both methods, and see which one is more effective.

Diets and supplements

In order for all that hard work not to go to waste, it is very important to have a healthy menu, the one that does not include junk food and that has enough of needed nutrients. As for the supplements, in the beginning fat burners might be required, while later on when muscle mass stops growing, the mass gainers can be included in a daily eating schedule.

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