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Breasts can be made firmer naturally and we will see how in the following lines. Most women are not satisfied with their breasts and they try to make them look better by undergoing risky surgeries. But sagging breasts can be corrected naturally and without any risks and these methods are proven and confirmed as efficient. They need time but they are surely effective. If you want to have firmer breasts, you have to exercise, use ice massage and use breast masks once every week. Breasts are held by ligaments and once the breasts start sagging, these ligaments start to stretch. The fat will take place of the ducts after they shirk and the skin will also become less rigid. The whole system will be altered, but there are ways to make your breasts look attractive.


The dumbbell fly and lady's push up are the two special exercises that will help you get firmer breasts. Women need to be on all fours to do the lady's push up. Turn in the hands in this position and the palms need to face each other. This is the position in which lady's push-ups are done. Do maybe four or five until you start feeling stressed. Increase the number of push-ups as fast as you can, but two sets of 20 repetitions would be perfect. To do the dumbbell fly you will need two dumbbells with max weight of 2 kg. Take each dumbbell in each arm and while lying on your back, extend the arms to a level of shoulders with the palms placed up. The body and the weights need to be in parallel position. The arms should be lifted then until the weights are above you and then return them to the shoulder level. Do three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions with one-minute rest between the sets. These two exercises will grow the muscles located under the breasts, which are responsible for the support of the mentioned ligaments.

Ice Massage

With semi-circle motions, use ice cubes on your breasts and do this for a minute. It may feel slightly discomforting, but it will help. Results will be visible right away, but remember never to do this more than one minute.

Breast Mask

You can make breast mask at your home so that you do not have to pay a lot of money for the professional ones at the spa centers. Take one egg, several drops of fat dessert cream and large cucumber, place it in the blender and make paste out of these ingredients. Put the mask on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with the use of cold water. These masks are natural and cannot cause any side effects. Also, always use sunscreen and wear a bra in order to avoid sagging of the breasts.

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