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The best fat burning exercises are exercises that you can do at your own home. They don’t evolve pricy equipment, and classy gyms. You can do it at your own home just by using your own body weight.

Interval Training

Interval training includes such exercises as biking, rowing, running and swimming. These are calorie burning exercises, and they are just what you need. These exercise you can do either indoors or outdoors. It is essential that you do interval training, which is simply an exercise program where you train hard for about a minute and then work out at an easy walk for a minute or two. Repeat this session for five or six times and then rest for a while. This is probably the best way to lose your weight and burn calories.

Bodyweight Exercises

These are exercises that you can do without almost any supporting equipment. Furthermore, you can use an exercise ball, and the pull-ups bar. When using the exercise ball, you can do such exercises as ball push-ups, ball jackknives, ball leg curls, etc. If you have a pull-ups bar, you can do pull-ups (obviously), chin-ups, back stretch exercises and exercise your abdomen. Of course, if you don’t have any of this equipment, you can do the regular push-ups, squats and abdominal exercises (such as numerous variations of crunches and bicycle exercises). There are many variations of push-ups that you can do just by changing your hand position. Actually, if you try to count all the bodyweight exercises, you will find that there are more than 200 workouts that you can do only by using your own weight.

Dumbbell Exercises

Third kind of fat burning exercises are multi muscle and total body dumbbell exercise. These exercises you can do at home. Studies showed that people can burn fat just by doing these exercises, and if combined with cardio exercises, you will burn your fat faster and healthier than just by doing one of these exercises. When doing dumbbell exercises, you can also focus on building muscles, and sculpturing your body. You will burn your fat just by doing five or six 15 minute dumbbell training sessions.

By combining interval training session, bodyweight training session and dumbbell training session, you can get the best results. Not only you will burn your fat, but also you will gain muscle mass, flatten your stomach, and even improve the body sculpture. You can do this without leaving you own home.

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