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Breasts are an important secondary sexual characteristic in women and they are an important part of a woman’s appeal. Small breasts, of course, are just as beautiful as bigger ones, but the society today dictates that bigger is better and some small-breasted women suffer from it. Having small breasts can significantly affect a woman’s self-esteem, especially during teenage years.

The most commonly used method of breast enlargement is breast surgery. However, this method has a couple of downsides. One of them is that breast implants are not exactly discrete, they can be easily felt under the skin as something artificial that does not really belong there. More importantly, breast surgery can lead to several complications, some of which are very dangerous.

If a woman is absolutely sure she wants to enlarge her breasts, it is better to consider some of the natural options, instead of going “under the knife”.

Herbal remedies

Herbs that work best for increasing the breast size are those that contain phytoestrogen. This compound mimics the effects of estrogen, which is the primary female sex hormone. Estrogen supplements and herbs which contain it are used for treating menstrual problems, they are recommended for breastfeeding women to improve the milk flow and they are also used as an aid in increasing breast size.

Some of the herbs used for this purpose are American dwarf palm or saw palmetto, and asparagus. Fennel is also highly recommended fro women who wish to increase their breast size.

There are many brands which offer the supplements containing these herbs or their combination and which aim to cause breast enlargement.


A massage can be an effective way to achieve a bigger cup size, especially, if done by a professional and with the use of herbal oils and creams which tone, plump and lift the breasts and contain compounds which contribute to breast enlargement.

The massage should be performed daily, in light to moderate intensity, best if done in counterclockwise direction.

For the best results, a massage should be combined with the use of herbal pills for breast enlargement.


It is disputable whether exercise can increase breast size or not, but in any case exercise cannot harm the breasts or make them smaller. By focusing the exercise on breast area women will certainly tone and firm their breasts, and they will look younger, lifted and perky.

Push-ups, short range chest fly and exercises on pec fly machine are considered to be the best for the purpose of lifting and toning the breasts.

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