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Exercising can be done at the gym but it can also be done in a home environment. Both of these workout types have their own advantages. For example, home workout will save a lot of time (going to gym and back), especially if there is no gym close to home. Also, home workout allows people to create schedules which are not strict and can be changed according to situation. Furthermore, people can arrange their workout space the way they like and with their choice of music, which is also very important for effective training session.


The problem with home workout is that usually people do not have enough space for keeping the workout stations which can be found in a gym. But this also depends on the desires of the practitioner. There are many exercises that can be done with body's weight only and that should be the focus of a training session at home. Furthermore, if a practitioner only needs to eliminate excessive fat tissue and to be strong without the bulk up effect, home will do just fine. Of course, dumbbells can be kept at home, even a barbell, although it does require a bit more space for storing.

Body areas

All muscle groups can be activated with a home workout. Perhaps the best thing would be to create a combination of cardio workout and a bit of resistance training, for strengthening the core. This will include push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, squats, lunges, stretching and extending the muscles etc. Adding aerobic forms and weight will be enough for an intensive training session. As for specific areas that might need a bit more attention, home workout can help out too. Leg exercises at home can also be performed. If we talk about cardio, then running in one spot might not seem as effective as running, but it actually is. Also, there are all sorts of aerobic forms that will strengthen the legs, shape them and make them stronger.

Lunges are effective and include variations for a complete beginner up to those who have a lot of experience. Also, leg raising and crunches are excellent for both lower abs and for legs. There are all sorts of jumps in one spot that affect the leg muscles. Actually, it can be said that all exercises that include standing or moving develop and shape the legs. Also, elements from martial arts that include kicking can also be performed (kick boxing, tae bo, tae kwon do etc.).

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