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Bodyweight rows represent an exercise which is beneficial for all those who desire to improve their posture and lose weight at the same time. Namely, through performing bodyweight rows, one can make his/her arm muscles leaner and more prominent. Also, back muscles will become stronger through bodyweight rows, improving one's posture. This exercise is much better than classic pull-ups, since it allows more freedom and a greater number of repetitions. Moreover, you can easily perform bodyweight rows in the gym or in the privacy of your home.

Facts about Bodyweight Rows

Before you start doing bodyweight rows you need to bear in mind that you have to assume a correct posture. You should also know, that if you do not do the exercise correctly, it can result in injuries. Therefore, it is crucial that you do bodyweight rows properly.

One way of performing bodyweight rows is by using the Smith machine. Adjust it correctly by setting the height of the bar to match your waist height. Then, place the bench about 5 feet away from the Smith machine. Lie on the bench and grab the bar which is placed overhead. Hold the bar with your hands a bit wider than your shoulder width. As for your feet, you should place them on the bench. Then, start performing the rowing exercise until your chest gets in contact with the bar. Once you reach this point, lower your body to the bench slowly and return to the initial position, repeating the process afterwards.

Performing Bodyweight Rows at Home

Even though this exercise can be done in a gym, on professional equipment, there is another option; you can also do the same at home. All you need are some regular kitchen items. For example, you can lie on the kitchen platform, placing a small bench underneath, so that you can keep your feet on it. The kitchen platform is as stable as a Smith machine, so you will have nothing to worry about, as far as stability is concerned.

Alternatively, you can use the Swiss ball, incorporating it into your exercises for better performance. In order to do this, place the bar on a rack about four feet off the ground and make sure you have something to support your bodyweight. Then, position yourself under the bar and grab it adequately. Place your feet on the Swiss ball and start performing the exercise, lowering the bar until your elbows touch the floor or the bar itself comes quite close to your chest. About 12 repetitions will suffice.

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