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Back exercises are something that women usually skip in the gym. Women are more focused on butt exercises, abdominal muscles and leg workout. However, having a sleek and nicely toned back is very much appreciated, especially if a woman is wearing her most revealing dresses.

Benefits of back exercises

Back exercises are not important only because of their aesthetical benefits, but they also help to maintain a good posture, keep the body tall and straight and keep the long graceful figure. Back muscles are very important, since they support the head, the neck, trunk and spine. They assist in much of the daily activities such as movement and lifting. Building strong back muscles can also help to fight against the effects of aging, helping a woman feel younger, and helping her move more easily, be more fit and more flexible. Here are some of the best back exercises for women.

Chin Ups

Usually, women think chin-ups are an exercise reserved for men. However, everybody should be able to perform a chin-up, only if it is performed correctly. A woman should start this exercise by standing on a bench or a chair that helps her reach the chinning bar. A woman takes a grip on the bar, steps off a platform, and tries to hang for a second. Next, a woman slowly lowers the body down to the floor. If it is possible, a woman should try to pull herself up at least once. Otherwise, the exercise is performed from the start at least 10 times.

Reverse fly

This is another great exercise. It requires two 3- to 8-pound dumbbells. A woman grabs a dumbbell in her right hand and places feet a bit wider than shoulders, while turning the torso to the right. A woman leans forward and places the left hand on her left thigh. Then, she lifts the weight out to the side and up to the shoulder height. Then she slowly lowers the weight and continues for a couple of times, until she starts to feel tired. This exercise is repeated on both sides of the body.

Cat stretch

This exercise promotes proper posture and loosens up tight and painful back. It releases the tension and stress in the back and builds strong muscles. A woman should position her hands and knees on the floor, right below the shoulders. The knees are positioned right below the hips. On an exhale, a woman pushes her pelvis under the stomach, the same way a dog would tuck the tail between the legs. On an inhale, she releases the tailbone and lengthens as the pelvis moves down and forward. The chest lifts up and extends, while the spine becomes long.

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