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Hyperextension Exercise

When having back pain, there is a variety of hypertensionback exercises that can relieve back pain, and lower back pain especially. Back muscles are often neglected in lieu of abdominalmuscles when exercising, but both are important for your posture and balance,for athletes as well as physically active people. There are many advantages and benefits to this kind ofexercise, including lower back pain relief, combating compression fatigue,increased flexibility, improved blood circulation and strengthening of theabdominal and back muscles. No equipment is required for these exercises, butequipment such as the hypertension bench are often used. While a sizable part of hypertension exercises require ahypertension bench, there is a variety of those that can be done without theuse of one.

The Barbell Good Morning Exercise

This exercise works primarily the lower back muscle, but alsoactively involves the hamstring and gluteal muscles. Firstly place the barbell on the back of your shoulders.While keeping your feet about a meter apart and looking straight, bend down atthe hips. It is important to keep well grounded and breathe steadily. Bend yourtorso so that it is horizontal, and then straighten it without bending yourknees.

Weighted Ball Hyperextension Exercise

This exercise demands an exercise ball, and optionally aweighed plate. The lower back is primarily targeted by this exercise, as well asthe gluteal, hamstring and middle back muscles. Start by lying down on the exercise ball and pressing yourtorso against the ball, your torso remaining horizontal. The ball of the feetmust be firmly pressed to the floor. Come up by raising your torso slowly,bending at the waist. Be sure to exhale when coming up. Hold this position for5 seconds, and then return to original position. If you decide to use weights,place the plate underneath your chin or behind your neck. This is notrecommended until you’ve become used to the right posture.

Hyperextension Exercise on the Bench without Incline

This exercise only requires the hyperextension bench, and itis critical that the instructions are followed precisely to avoid injury. Begin by lying down on the bench, with someone holding yourlegs down. Slowly slide down to the edge of the bench so that your hips are offthe end. Your torso should be hanging towards the ground, your arms crossed infront of you on your chest. Proceed to bend at the waist, with your backstraight, and inhaling as you go. Move down till you touch the ground, and thenslowly return to original position, without arching your back. Make sure youare not swinging your back, in this and other bench exercises.

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