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About Glute Muscles

Glutemuscles are the biggest muscle on the human body, and any anomaly regardingthem can cause ill effects to the whole body and its movement. Eating healthyand performing correct exercise is critical to the strengthening process of anymuscle, glutes included, and it is important to always warm your body beforeexercise. Doctor’s approval is essential before any exercise program is stgarted.

Thebuttocks, or glutes, are consisted of three sets of muscles: the gluteus maximus,the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus, and any one of them can be calledglute. There are two, one on each side ofyour body. They affect the movement of your body, such as thigh and hip rotation,as well as abduction.

Glute Muscle exercises

GluteMuscle exercises are primarily stretch exercises that require a warm-up, andsometimes doctor’s approval. The exercises include:

GluteStretch 1: While standing upright, you’re feet about a meter apart and yourtoes pointing up, step with your left foot to whatever distance deemed comfortable.Bend your left knee while keeping it in line with your toes. Place your handson your knee if so desired. After a minute, return to original posture andrepeat with your right leg.

GluteStretch 2: With your back straight and extended legs, sit on the floor. Supportyour back with your arms by leaning behind. The legs should be forming a rightangle at the knees. Lift the left leg and rest it on the right leg. Afterholding for a minute, return to original posture slowly, and perform all thesteps on ‘seated glute stretch’ by switching the leg.

GluteStretch 3: Stand erect, an inch awayfrom a firm, 3 foot tall platform. After lifting your right leg and placing iton the platform, make sure your right knee is bent to the side. Stay in thisposture for 30 seconds, and then return to original posture. There will be a stretchingsensation in your tight, and if at any point you feel uncomfortable, return tooriginal position.

GluteStretch 4: Lay yourbody on a firm platform, 6 inches high. Be sure to position yourself so thatyou can place your left foot on the platform, with the left knee creating aright angle. Arms placed to your side, proceed to cross the left leg with theright. Return to original posture after holding for a minute, and repeat withalternating the legs. Perform to a count of 10 a day.

GluteStretch 5: Your hamstringmuscles are the biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranous. They make upthe back of your upper leg, and this exercise strengthens them. Lie on yourback and bend your right leg. Your right arm should hold your left leg, behindthe thigh, and your left should be behind the calf muscle. Slowly try tomaintain your left leg as straight as you can. After pulling until you feel stretched,let the muscle relax, but stay in position for 20 to 25 seconds. Return tostarting posture and then repeat while switching the leg.

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