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Enlarged Stomach after Eating

Many people experience their stomachsget bloated after their every meal. This places a certain pressure onthat part of their body and makes them feel uncomfortable and,sometimes, in pain, being troubled by the uneasy feeling thissituation can provoke. There are many different things which cancause this problem. Most commonly, gas is the main trigger of a bigstomach after eating. Nevertheless, many other things may be behindthis phenomenon. The following lines will try to explain thisuncomfortable situation better and try to offer cures for getting ridof it, enjoying your meals more.

Problems and Solutions

The first thing which may cause a bigstomach after eating is eating too much while eating too fast at thesame time. Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, for this reasonas well. Namely, gluttony will fill your stomach with more food thanit can withstand, causing it to get bigger. Thereby, you yourselfwill experience this growth from the outside too. The solution tothis problem goes without saying. Namely, you are advised not to eatmore than your organism needs. So, as soon as you feel full, stop.Also, mind the speed of your nutrition as well. Do not hurry and makesure you chew every bite carefully and adequately. This can and willprevent big stomach after eating. Additionally, whey you eat toofast, you tend to swallow quite some air in the process, leading tothis phenomenon. The same happens when you talk while eating or drinkingcarbonated drinks during your meals. Avoid doing all these things andfocus on eating the right food in the right way.

You may also be allergic to certainkinds of food you are eating, and the allergy may be triggering yourabdominal growth after meals. If this bloating happens only when youeat specific types of food, try avoiding it and see if the situationwill change. Whatever the outcome is, visit your doctor and ask foran opinion.

The worst case scenarios in this caseare suffering from diverticulosis, which is caused by weak musclewalls in your colon, or having a worm infestation in your stomach.Both of these require immediate medical assistance since, in the longrun, they can be deadly.

Finally, if you are obese, your chancesof suffering from this problem are increased since you will likelyto have excessive, intra-abdominal fat. Then, start exercising andremove the excessive fat so that you can enjoy life and your mealsmore. Also, constipation may be the problem behind your bloatedstomach so introduce fiber-rich food and make sure you drink a lot ofwater, bettering your digestion.

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