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Stomach Pain While Running

This situation has been experienced bymany who run often. Even though stomach pain may manifest differentlyfor every individual, these pains may even consider throbbingsensation as well as excessive pain. In most cases, however, thisphenomenon will make you lower your levels of physical exercise ofthis type and decrease the strain on your stomach. However, just asoften, this pain might be caused by malnutrition. Namely, once youeat excessive amounts of fried or junk food, this might happen. Thus,some crucial changes in diet may be necessary in order not toexperience stomach pain while running.

Additional Stomach Problems WhileRunning

Sometimes, pain is not the only thingstriking a runner's stomach. Rather, cramps and stitches may bepresent as well, making the whole thing worse. Stitches representpain striking areas other than the stomach, like your torso sides,shoulders, etc. Although these are not serious, they still haveunderlying causes needed to be treated.

Therefore, once you experience thesetypes of pain, you might take the following problems intoconsideration. First of all, exhaustion, dehydration or hunger mayall be potential causes of stomach pain while running. Regardingnutrition, you should never start running immediately after eating.Rather, give your body a chance to digest the eaten food before beingexposed to physical exercise. Additionally, the runner may beoverdoing it, exhausting his or her body or forcing him or herselfinto something this person is unable to do, considering stamina andendurance.

Alternatively, the pain may be causedby improper breathing. Many tend to breath less than necessary whilerunning, causing oxygen deficiency in one's organism, leading tocramps and stitches. Thus, paying attention to proper breathing andmassaging the stitches may both remove this problem.

Other Means of Prevention

Besides those mentioned above, a runnershould always drink enough water. While running, we expose ourselves toexcessive physical activity, draining more fluids from our organismthan usual. So, we need to compensate for the lost water by drinkingit both before and during our running.

Also, with running, as well as withevery physical activity, it is extremely important to stretchproperly beforehand. Therefore, relax your muscles and stretch beforeevery running sequence you might have, since the lack of this maydirectly cause stomach problems and pain during the course of thisactivity. Finally, never run with a full stomach and, in cases ofserious, persistent problems, seek medical attention as soon aspossible.

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