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Most of us have experienced having arunny nose at some point of our lives. It can make our life miserablesince we cannot speak nor breathe properly while having a runny noseexpelling mucus from our body. Moreover, this condition is one of themain signs of having a cold. Therefore, many people stay clear ofother individuals with runny noses, so as to stay healthy and avoidcontracting the illness. Nevertheless, runny nose can be caused bysome other factors. Namely, in some cases, a runny nose can beactivated during meals, every time a person eats something. Sure,once we consume spicy food, we are bound to experience a runny nose.However, some people have a runny nose whenever they eat something,regardless of the type and the taste of the food. Luckily, thiscondition is not a serious one and it can be dealt with easily. Allyou need to do is read the following lines.

Reasons behind a Runny Nose

One of the main causes of a runny nosewhile eating is scar tissue located in our nasal cavity. Eatingtriggers mucus production and, thereby, the nasal dripping as well.Note that this has nothing to do with allergies, infections andsimilar conditions but, rather, with a history of nasal surgery orsome other, intrusive, interventions. Naturally, smell and taste ofthe food may influence the onset of a runny nose while eating.However, food might have nothing to do with this nasal problem.Rather, your runny nose could be triggered by different scents aroundyou like people's perfumes, room scents, smoke and so on. Finally,stress, room temperature and hormonal changes may be behind thisphenomenon too.

How Can This be Treated?

First of all, upon noticing that youhave this problem, it is best to seek medical attention. Once youconsult with your doctor, he/she will conduct certain tests in orderto establish a proper diagnosis. Afterwards, you will be prescribedwith an adequate treatment such as one for getting rid of allergies orfor treating the scar tissue, depending on the source of yourproblem.

Therefore, you might use antihistaminesprays or pills before eating, in order to reduce or completelyremove your runny nose problems during meals. Of course, you areadvised to stay away from strong tasting and spicy food and to weartissues with you at all times, using them should the occasion arise.Finally, coffee and caffeinated beverages are to be avoided as well.

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