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Heartburn is, after nausea, the most unpleasant companion of the pregnancy. Some pregnant women are struggling with heartburn in early pregnancy, but it is the most prominent in the last weeks of pregnancy. The cause of this phenomenon is the acid in the digestive system. In the beginning, it is manifested in burning sensation in the stomach. Later, the burning sensation slowly intensifies and spreads from stomach to throat. In the largest number of pregnant women that usually occurs after meals, especially heavy meals, and when they are lying down.

Why Heartburn Occurs During Pregnancy?

Changes in a woman's body during pregnancy affect her general condition, including the emergence or strengthening of some inconveniences such as heartburn. The main cause of heartburn is the slow function of intestines and digestive system in general, which occurs as a result of hormones activity. Therefore, food stays longer in the stomach.

Hormones also cause relaxing the muscles between the esophagus and stomach, allowing stomach acid to return. The acid creates a burning sensation in the esophagus and around the heart, and uterus, that is constantly increasing, especially in the third trimester, makes pressure on the stomach and aggravates this unpleasant situation.

Tips to Avoid Heartburn

Although there is no universal recipe against heartburn, changing habits, especially when it comes to food, can relieve this discomfort. Here are some suggestions, try them and find the best solution for you. Eat often and little bit. Every food over bunching will worsen the already slow digestion. Eat healthy and easily digestible food. Avoid half-lying position while eating. Stay in strictly sitting position at least an hour after meal. If you lie down immediately, acid from the stomach will be irregularly deployed, and that really may burn. Lie down on the left side an hour after eating. Head and shoulders should be raised in relation to the body. Remove from diet or at least reduce intake of the following foods: coffee, carbonated drinks, very sweet foods, tomato soups and juices, citrus fruits, fatty, fried and spicy foods, meat products (hot dogs, sausage, bacon), chocolate, alcohol, and peppermint. Don't smoke. It is harmful for a baby, your general health and worsens problem with heartburn. Eat slowly, take small bites and chew them for a long time. Once you find a food that bothers you, simply don't consume it, no matter how much you would like to eat it. Nibble almonds between meals. Chew gums. They increase saliva secretion in the mouth, which helps in stomach acid controlling. Drink fluid between meals, and a maximum one glass while you eat. Always drink slowly, no matter how much you're thirsty. Do not eat at least two hours before going to bed. Do not wear clothes that squeeze you over the stomach and waist. Try to be as relaxed as possible. Do not bend over the stomach. If you have to be bent, keep your knees bent too. Although someone from the family or friends will recommend baking soda as an excellent cure for heartburn, do not take it. On the contrary, avoid products that contain it. If burning wakes you up in the night, get up and spend at least half an hour in the sitting position. If none of this tips help, consult a doctor who maintains your pregnancy and ask him to recommend an antacid or other remedy against excess acid.

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