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The Discomfort of Being Bloated

Many people have suffered from beingbloated at some point in their lives. This uncomfortable feeling maycause you to lose appetite and experience both pain and discomfortwhile in this state. Furthermore, some people tend to suffer fromthis condition most of the time. All in all, there are many reasonsbehind being bloated. Some involve rather benign problems such asbeing full of air due to improper breathing while eating or simpleovereating. However, the problems in question may be far moreserious, caused by constipation, stress, irritable bowel syndrome orsome other illnesses. Therefore, one needs to know what he or she cando, once troubled by a bloated stomach. Fortunately, there are manythings which may help you deal with a problem of this type.

How to Help Your Bloated Stomach?

First and foremost, one of the bestremedies for bloating as well as for prevention of this condition, isginger. There is no recipe or special preparation. Simply, make sureyou eat it twice a day, cut into small pieces.

Also, a remedy of the exact importanceis herbal tea. These teas are able to calm down your stomach,creating balance in your organism, thus preventing bloating. The bestteas for these purposes are those made from chamomile and mint.Therefore, make sure you drink them as often as you can.

Next on the list comes exercising. Eventhough many refuse to enjoy the benefits of being physically active,this can be very good for your stomach. Namely, exercising improvesyour digestive system, leaving no chances for problems such as beingbloated. Additionally, you may take more care about what you eat anddrink. Thus, avoid milk if you are lactose intolerant, as well asbananas, cabbage, beans, and similar types of food, known to triggergases in your organism. As far as water intake is concerned, makesure you drink it either cold or warm, depending on the symptoms itcauses. If its temperature influences you bloating, make sure youadjust it right. Finally, every time you eat, make sure you eatslowly. This will reduce chances of capturing air in your stomach.Eat smaller portions more frequently during the day, instead ofovereating once or twice daily. Alternatively, chew on celery seedsafter your meals in order to successfully remove any causes ofbloating.

Last but not the least, quit smoking ifyou are a smoker. This action makes you inhale smoke and extra air.Therefore, it does little to help you from having a bloated stomach.No cigarettes-no bloating. This sounds like a fair trade.

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