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Some people, unfortunately, experience headaches after eating. Namely, once they finish their meals, their head starts hurting, more or less, leaving the sufferers puzzled. If you are going through this and encounter such phenomenon, you need to know what can cause it, as well as how it can be stopped, or better prevented.

Head Hurts after I Eat

Of course, there are times when your headaches do not strike. Rather, you suffer from headaches after eating only occasionally. On the other hand, this problem might be a constant issue for some other people. All in all, this phenomenon is quite a mysterious one, and you, if you happen to experience it, should read the reminder of this article in order to find out what you can do in order to stop it.

First of all, once your headache took place and has not showed up since, it might had been triggered by a certain kind of food. Then, you need to pay close attention to the type of food you were eating and remove it from your diet since it causes you headaches. If headaches repeat after you eat a similar dish, you might have an allergy to certain ingredients, and should pay your doctor a visit, inquiring about the nature of your problem, reporting all the symptoms. In these cases, you might experience swelling in the throat as well.

Nevertheless, the case mentioned above is not the worst case scenario. If your headaches appear each time you consume food, regardless of its quantity and type, you might have serious health problem at hand and should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

One of the reasons behind your headaches could be diabetes. Thus, if you have developed it and it started causing you headaches after your meals, you should reorganize your diet and introduce physical exercising into your daily schedule. This way, you can fight this condition and stop it from causing you harm.

Diabetes, in the first place, is caused by poor nutrition. We live in a world of fast food, eating while walking, running, or during a limited spare of time between our work and more work.

Thus, we neglect this crucial part of our existence, nutrition. Subsequently, once our body cannot cope with the poor food we give it, it becomes prone to illnesses and symptoms, hence the headaches. Luckily, diabetes is treatable, the first step being paying your doctor a visit.

Why Does It Hurt Only on the Right Side?

There are plenty of causes for pain on the right side of the head. However, if you want to visit a chiropractor, he/she can successfully solve this condition. This type of headache is called right-sided upper cervical headache or more professionally right-sided unrelenting headache.

The condition can be very painful and can even stop you from doing regular activities. Pain may spread onto your whole face and eyes. If you visit a chiropractor, he/she will examine you by touching the affected parts of your body while you are lying face up.

Usually, in cases of severe headache on the right side, your left side will show less ability to rotate from left to right while the right side will rotate almost normally from right to left. The right side tends to be more fixated from the front side of the head to the back.

The jamming of the bones in the neck and back and their inflammation on the right side are often the main causes of such headaches. Besides the pain in the head and eyes your right shoulder can also start hurting.

Your chiropractor needs to adjust so-called C-1. He/she can help you by putting the index finger or the third finger or both these fingers on the tissue and pulling it behind the arch of C-1. Then, he/she can put the second finger on the left arch and apply Flexing, rotation, and lateral bending upon your tissue. The key of solving the problem with headaches is to find the maximum tension.

The chiropractor will pull the head in both directions, alternating between the two opposites. After the treatment the patient should be able to have easier motion from left back to front, and from right front to back.

The second thing that your doctor needs to adjust is so called C-2/C-3. The pain can be relieved with the intervals of cold therapy too. Adjustments and cold therapy can deal with your headache very quickly.

It takes about 15 minutes for your pain to diminish. Some people react very positively to the chiropractor’s treatment and can solve headaches after a single visit while others need more than one treatment.

To sum up, while headaches may appear after eating due to certain types of food or some underlying illnesses the patient is being exposed to, other reasons may trigger headaches as well, especially if they affect a single side of the head.

Either way, seeking medical assistance is crucial since it leads to a successful diagnosis and an effective treatment, regardless whether you need help from a physician or a chiropractor.

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