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Stress and improper diet consisted of junk food may turn anyone's stomach into the health problem. Acid reflux disease or acidic stomach is a medical condition caused by overproduction of stomach acid and therefore the name.

Do You Have Acidic Stomach?

If you are unsure whether your discomfort or pain is caused by the excess of stomach acid, you may want to see if you could find your symptoms here. First of all, patients suffering from acid reflux disease commonly complain about the heartburn or some discomfort and pain in the chest. Burning may affect the esophagus or your throat, as well as your stomach. The burning may be very extreme, as if the stomach is on fire, as reported by some patients.Nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite are also commonly found in people suffering from acidic stomach. Upset stomach may be bloated or full of gases and there is also a chance to experience sour burps or even some abdominal cramps because of this problem. Serious abdominal pains are also frequent complaints when these patients visit the doctor.

How to Help Yourself?

Home remedies might be helpful for the treatment of mild stomach problems. However, if you experience serious symptoms or acidic stomach doesn't get better after home treatment, immediately look for doctor’s attention.

Sometimes, patients find that avoidance of certain food really helps. Deep fried and food rich in fats is not beneficial for acidic stomach. Make sure to avoid anything sugary, yogurt and citrus fruits. Caffeine may be the cause of too much acid in the stomach, so stay away from coffee at least for a while. Tea, chocolate and soft drinks also contain caffeine and have to be avoided as well. People who drink beer may notice that it worsens their stomach problem and because of that it is best not to drink it.

Although many claim that cold milk may resolve any acidic stomach, don’t try this since it doesn't work. It won’t solve but may aggravate the acidity of your stomach and cause you more misery.

One thing you should know is that people respond to food differently. You may find some other food that provokes heartburn in your case. It doesn't matter if it is not on this list, just avoid it and your problem will be limited or minimized.

Doctors recommend light dinners and no late night snacks. Try to eat frequently during the day, not making too large gaps between the meals. Also, avoid sleeping or even laying down after the meal. At sleeping time, elevate the chest onto several pillows and you will definitively sleep much better.Some recommend taking a glass of water with some baking soda, fish oils, coconut water or fennel seeds for the problem with acidic stomach.

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