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Some people enter a strange state of tiredness and uncontrollable fatigue once they consume sugar. This seemingly unexplainable phenomenon can be a sign of something concerning while, at the same time, it can be considered quite normal. Thus, if eating anything with sugar makes you tired every once in a while do not worry. However, if tiredness takes place each time you eat something sweet, perhaps this is a problem which needs medical assistance.

Reasons behind Tiredness after Eating Sugar

It is normal to feel a bit tired and full after eating pastas or other, similar meals. Increased sugar in our body leads to an increase in our metabolism rate, since the body needs to burn all that we have provided. Once the process is over, we can feel a bit tired and sleepy, since our metabolism has been working on burning all the sugar we ate since the moment we finished our meal.

Also, naturally, when we eat sugar, our sugar levels rise. Then, serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter related to sleep and depression, among other matters, gets active in our brain. When the blood sugar levels rise, this situation calls for activation of the pancreas which produces insulin and releases the hormone into the bloodstream in order to re-establish sugar balance. High amount of insulin that gets produced creates a protein block in the body. This block gets transferred to the brain and triggers serotonin production, making us feel tired after eating sweets.

If we have low serotonin and beta-endorphin levels in our body, we are bound to feel tired after eating sugars as well. Confusion and tiredness is also a sign of this deficiency. When we eat too much sugar, our body can produce even more insulin than necessary, leading to low blood sugar levels and tiredness. This is usually a sign of poor diet.

Serious Health Problems behind Tiredness after Eating Sugar

One of the worst case scenarios behind this phenomenon can be diabetes. Namely, this disease is known to trigger tiredness after eating sugar, starchy food or carbohydrates. Alternatively, infections like Candida can be behind the tiredness too.

All in all, if you notice symptoms of tiredness to be recurring each time you consume sugary food, seek medical opinion. Otherwise, make sure your diet is healthy and natural and avoid processed food as much as possible. Eating and living healthy is bound to make you feel healthy and full of strength afterwards. If this feeling is replaced with tiredness, there is definitely room for change.

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