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This is a problem of a tendons muscles inflammation, the tendons located to the bone, and it commonly affects the rotator cuff, knees and elbows, but it generally can affect any joint. Patients can take supplements that can reduce the problems caused by this condition. There are vitamins and mineral supplements on one side, and other supplements that are developed for more specific purposes. The cause for this problem is a fungus called candida albicans, which is produced by our body, but when it starts to grow in numbers, the problem arises. This can happen because of stress, improper diet, corticosteroids and overuse of antibiotics. Patients have to implement good bacteria in the nutrition so they can fight the bad ones. The good ones can be found in coconut oil, garlic and other food. Not treating this problem can cause an infection.

Minerals and vitamin supplements

Vitamins, such as C and A, are very good sidekicks in fighting against the tendonitis. Their use will eliminate the inflammation. Other vitamins that can prove to be useful are vitamins which are basically bioflavonoids, and vitamin B12. The use of vitamin B12 in a form of an injection can reduce the inflammation and it can also reduce the pain. The use of magnesium will reduce the pain and inflammation. Dimethyl sulfide is a mineral with anti-inflammatory properties. Many studies were conducted and the results showed that this mineral can reduce the problem significantly. There are also some studies that do not produce so positive results, so if you decide to use these supplements, do it with caution. The use of proteolytic enzymes can be used on minor injuries. They can make the healing faster and remove the swelling and pain more efficiently. Use of MSM can make the tissue soft, reduce the inflammation and affect positively on cell membranes. Another very effective supplement is serrapeptase, which will remove the inflammation very quickly. Other possible supplements are silicon and silica supplements.

Other supplements

Use of glucosamine can prove to be useful. It will allow the tendons more movements and freedom. The use of this supplement can go with chondroitin. The nerves will be calmer if you use St. John’s wort. Swelling can be reduced with the use of bromelain, which is an enzyme supplement. It can also be used for healing minor injuries and pain. Remember that one supplement may not be enough, but a combination will probably give results. In order to prevent the problem from happening, have a healthy diet and try to do stretching exercises regularly. The problem should be reduced after few weeks, but it may take even a year for it to go away completely. This condition can become chronic, if it remains after six months.

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