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Autism in children

Many different supplements are very effective for autism in children, and autism spectrum disorder is treated with these supplements because of a few reasons. One of the problems these kids face is the inadequate absorption of the nutrients caused by the digestive enzyme deficiency and poor digestion. Several studies state that children with this disorder suffer from several nutritional deficiencies. They are folate, low B1, B3 and B5 function, vitamins D and A, low vitamin B6 and B12 and low fatty acids and methionine levels. There are many others, among which is the abnormal level of minerals as well. Children with autistic disorder are on exclusionary diets, such as specific carbohydrate diet or gluten free/casein free diet. Because of this, and the fact that autistic patients are very choosy in their eating, nutrition intake needs to be adequate, and that is why supplements are needed.


The deficiencies can produce immune system and neurological problems, so to avoid this problem, minerals and vitamins have to be taken as supplements. Several studies have confirmed that using these supplements will produce benefits such as better behavior and sleeping, eye contact and better speech ability. Using vitamin B supplements will reduce the problems of skin, muscle tone and nerves. Autistic children can benefit if they use a combination of magnesium and vitamin B6. The vitamin B6 was a focus of many studies, which stated that it has beneficial effect on the brain and autism disorder. The mentioned combination will help with the behavior, eye contact, speech, tantrums, and more calm behavior, though the increase of the levels of glutathione is another effect of this combination.

Among the problems that children with autism face are the oxidative stress and the weakening of the immune system. There are supplements that can be used for this problem and they are vitamins A, E and C. While vitamins E and C will combat the free radicals and protect brain cells from the oxidative stress, selenium and zinc will greatly improve the strength of the immune system. Fatty acids can be useful since they can help with the problems with attention and autism, but they will also be beneficial for the brain and behavior. They can be acquired from cod liver and fish oil. Specialists most commonly give one supplement at the time, in order to see what impact it will make. The effect of the supplement will be monitored and this will help in deciding weather there is a purpose of continuing with this treatment. Remember that this way of treatment can sometimes give results very slowly, so try to be more patient and the result will arrive.

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