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Tennis elbow is a condition that affects outer side of he elbow, and it also known as lateral epicondylitis, or tendonitis. It is a very painful condition, and when it happened part of the elbow becomes very tender. Inflammation of tendons joined with bone in the elbow joint is cause of this disorder and it is often consequence of some exceptional physical strain or excessive engaging in sports. In some cases tennis elbow may cause degeneration of the tendons.

Symptoms of tennis elbow

Pain and inflammation are often symptoms of tendonitis. Side effect of tendonitis can also be bursitis, inflammation of bursa sack (sack of fluid which is placed between tendons and bones and act like a cushion in order to prevent friction between parts of elbow), and rheumatic arthritis.

Causes of tennis elbow

There are several known causes of tennis elbow injuries. In cases when you overstretch it, tendons tend to damage or sometime even brake. Other causes may be muscle exertion, pressure on the radial nerve, injury of the nerves, ligaments and muscles that surrounds the elbow joint or stress and repetitive movements of the elbow (like in the tennis, hence zhe name).

Diet for tennis elbow

Change of your daily diet is very important in cases of tennis elbow injuries. Vitamins, herbs, and other supplements may help you, not just to heal, but to prevent future cases of tendonitis.Damage tendons or connecting tissues in cases of tennis elbow can be very successfully repaired by using vitamin E. Supplement of vitamin E is an antioxidant, and it helps in body nutrition.As one of this supplements, vitamin C is maybe most important. It has anti inflammatory characteristics and you should take it on the daily basis as a supplement or trough food.

Glucosamine is also an excellent choice for your proper daily diet. It has the ability to improve and restore damaged tissues in tendons and surrounding areas, and has no side effects. Also Omega 3 fatty acids, fish and celery are important too.

Home remedies for tennis elbow

Recommended home remedies for tennis elbow cases may be ice packs, heat packs, potato pack and Zostrix. Ice packs can be applied on elbow joint for 15-20 minutes every four hours. You can alternate hot and cold pack in a way that is most efficient for you.Zostrix is derived from hot pepper, and you can wrap it around your elbow to relieve the pain. In cases of potato pack, warm and backed potato is one of most efficient home remedy for tennis elbow injuries.

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