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Many couples who had troubles with fertility solved the problem by taking certain herbal supplements. Men and women usually use different formulas to enhance fertility.

However there are certain supplements that both women and men can use. These include vitex agnus cactus or chasteberry and the amino acid l-carnitine supplements. For women, the crucial thing for conceiving baby, is hormonal balance and regular ovulation. Men, on the other hand, need to have sufficient sperm count and good sperm motility. It is necessary to add mineral and vitamin complex as well as herbal supplements in order to obtain good health and to stay fertile.

Vitex is a herbal supplement that can help women who suffer from irregular menstrual cycles. It can treat polycystic ovary syndrome. Recent researches proved that many women who used this supplement became pregnant. Vitex agnus is a cactus plant that regulates hormones in female population and therefore women who use it have normal menstrual cycles and ovulation. Ladies who suffer from ovulatory dysfunction or shorter luteal phases can benefit from this plant.

Vitamins C and E, being important antioxidants, can protect our cells from damaging that is caused by polluted environment, aging process and stress. Vitamin E supports reproductive health. Many couples who started using vitamin E solved their fertility problem. Folic acid is another thing that your body needs in order to be fertile.

L-carnitine, an essential amino acid, is very important for men. It helps men in sperm formation and sperm quality. This amino acid will improve maturation of sperm. It will also help in creating sperm membrane and positively affect all metabolic processes that accompany ejaculation. In order to have healthy sperm men need to have sufficient sperm number and also sperm that has enough movement. In order to be classified as good motility men’s sperm needs to move forward and successfully penetrate into ovum in order to fertilize women’s egg.

Another helpful supplement for men is grapeseed extract. This great antioxidant will protect their reproductive organs and help eliminate harmful free radicals from the body. Vitamin E, C and B, zinc etc are also improving men’s health and increasing sperm motility. Since nowadays couples that plan to have baby are older and older and everyday life brings lots of stress it is essential to use supplements in order to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. Supplements that are made from real natural herbs are always safer option than prescription medications.

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