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In order to perform cycling on your best you need to train a lot, eat the food that will keep you healthy, fit and full of energy and take adequate supplements.

Many cyclists, the same as many other sportsmen, train and exercise a lot but do not pay attention on what they eat. However, healthy dietary plan can help you achieve your maximum.

The basic supplement necessary for any sportsperson is multivitamin. Instead of buying protein supplements to boost your muscles try focusing on choosing the best vitamin and mineral complex for yourself. Your body needs vitamins and minerals to get rid of fat, to supply body with energy and to provide nutrition for skin, muscles and bones. You cannot allow to yourself to have deficiency of any mineral or vitamin because you will lose your health and your performance will be much worse.

Being a cyclist you constantly move and add pressure to your whole body. Optimum level of minerals and vitamins in blood will help your body bear all the effort. If you hurt yourself on training minerals and vitamins will help you recover fast.

In short you need antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, zinc, iron, calcium and L-carnitine. All of them will boost your immunity and protect your muscles and bones allowing them to move and contract easily. A great option are time-released multivitamins and minerals since your body can use them throughout of your training session. Add a mighty formula of optimal minerals and vitamins to your morning breakfast and midday lunch.

Glutamine, an important amino acid in the body, is essential for maintaining good health. It is used to create glucose whenever your body needs it. Glutamine stimulates pituitary gland which again increases the secretion of growth hormone. Growth hormone is essential if you want to build muscle and eliminate fat. It can also slow the aging of skin. If you overtrained your body glutamine will help you. Glutamin will help you achieve excellent athletic performance.

Vitamin B are very crucial to protect your joints and muscle tissue from damaging and to give you optimal energy. They will improve your concentration and focus during the race.They will help you in digesting food. As you are cyclist you need to preserve your muscles in order to avoid injury and therefore you need to have enough of B-vitamins. Take B vitamin few times per day (read the instructions carefully) in order to prevent any type of injuries.

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