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Muscle recovery

This is very important for those who spend time in the gym working out. The muscles can get overstretched, over-trained and this is when supplements come into play. They can make the recovery time for muscles very short and speed up the growth of the muscles, since muscles need to recover after training in order to grow. We will talk about the most important ones. They are two antioxidants and four supplements. Their use will help with the elimination of overexertion. You will probably find these supplements in any vitamin shop with products for athletes. In order to make this process fast and successful, enough sleep is needed. This will help with the glucose processing and the production of energy. Also, this will eliminate the problems caused by deprivation of sleep.


The first that we will mention is the creatine monohydrate. This supplement will make your efforts easier and make the levels of creatine phosphate in the muscles rise. These supplements can be located in beef and similar animal based food and their use will make your training more productive and the intensity much higher. It will also promote strength of the muscles and contribute to lean mass. This supplement should be taken four times during one day, for five days and the dosage is 5g during one taking. When this period ends, creatine needs to be used only once after the training, once a day and only 5g. Another useful supplement is glutamine, which has given excellent results in strengthening the immune system. Taking 10-15g during the day will greatly increase the body's tolerance to over-training. Next supplement is beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, which occurs naturally in human body from the amino acid proteins. Their use will make the exercise more intense and reduce the recovery time. Take one gram of this supplement before every meal, three times a day, and the muscles will grow and recovery will be fast. Useful supplement is l-carnitine, which is constructed by the kidney and liver. It is consumed when eating meat and it moves fatty acids over the cell membranes where they get metabolized.

These supplements, when taken after the workout, will repair the damaged tissue and also reduce the damage produced during the workout. Take 2g of this supplement after the training, once a day. The antioxidants are also useful and can decrease tissue damage and soreness of the muscles, which is believed to be caused by the presence of oxygen radicals. The use of antioxidants affects these radicals and reduces the damage to the tissue. Best antioxidants are alpha lipoic acid (reduction of inflammation and swelling) and vitamins C and E.

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