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Osteoporosis is an abnormal loss of bone tissues that result in fragile porous bones. It is attributable to a lack of calcium in the body. Not until recently, that the doctors and physicians are totally unaware of importance of supplements in the body. Only now, there is a wide awareness of importance of supplements, like calcium, in the daily diet.

Besides the calcium, which strengthens the bones, other vital supplements include vitamins A and D, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and boron are also crucial to our well-being.

Here is a list of such vitamins, minerals and supplements, that can help in maintain your bone health;

Vitamins K, D, and AThese are very important supplements. Vitamin A is, for instance, important for managing calcium in you metabolism. Vitamin K is used to bond together proteins in your bones, and vitamin D regulates phosphorus metabolism and calcium uptake. You can find all this in the daily diet of liver, eggs, tomatoes, fish, etc.

ZincVery important supplement, for immune function and calcium uptake. You can find it in seafood, animal meat, whole grain products, or in capsules.

DL-phenylalanineImportant supplement for pain in bones. Not to be used if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or panic attacks.

MagnesiumRegulates potassium and calcium uptake. It also interacts with other minerals, and can be found in capsules.

KelpThis supplement is good for in cases of bone injuries, and very rich in vital minerals.

Betaine HCIHCI is hydrochloric acid in the stomach that helps food to digest. It is also important for absorption of nutrients 3 and calcium.

CalciumIn order to have healthy bones, you must take at least 1.200 mg of calcium daily, either through supplements or food. You can find calcium in cheese, milk, vegetables, salmon, etc.

BoronBoron is good for regulating calcium absorption in the body. It also regulate amount of calcium that is released through urine.

DHEADHEA manages hormone generators in the body; e.g. testosterones and estrogens. It also helps with fat absorption, muscle mass and bone deposition.

CooperCooper helps with anemia, bone density and white blood cell count. Not to be used for prolonged periods of time.

ChromiumThis supplement improves bone density and insulin efficiency. Also not to be used for prolonged periods of time.

HorsetailIt contains large amounts of silicon; witch helps in bone injuries and osteoporosis. Because is it unstable in food, it is best to take it in form of pills.

ManganeseThis mineral is important in prevention of osteoporosis. You can find it in celery, bananas, eggs, leafy green vegetables, etc.

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