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There are so many benefits of exercising that it is really illogical not to utilize physical activity as long as there are conditions allowing it. The only actual condition is finding the time that needs to be dedicated to it. Normally 30 min/day...3 days a week. Actually, there are several debates on this matter and one of those states that it might even be better to exercise several times in a day, for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time. This will keep the muscles always under tension, which might be better for weight reduction process and elimination of fat tissue.


There are certain areas that people might have problems with when working out. Those are the abdominal area, gluteal region, legs, back, wrists etc. When it comes to wrists, the exercise is more for a special need for specific sport activity than something less crucial for recreational purposes. All sport activities that utilize hands and arms can have benefits from wrist strengthening exercises. Those would be tennis, handball, rugby, volleyball and similar activities. All martial arts belong there also, no matter if it is a martial art based on punching or martial art based on throwing and lock techniques. Actually, it might be said that throwing techniques could use stronger wrists. Of course, bodybuilding needs strong wrists, especially when lifting high amount of weights.


It should be said that wrists are strengthened with all exercises that use hand grips. Those would be more or less all gym exercises (utilizing dumbbells, barbell etc.), push ups and other, too. As for some instruments used, it can be said that resistance band is very effective when it comes to wrists. There are several variations of the resistance band exercise and all are beneficial when it comes to strengthening wrists. But also, flexibility of this area should be as high as possible. This is because exercising while using your wrists carry certain injury risk and to avoid that, wrists should be both strong and elastic. Wrist flexion can help with this and it should be performed as much as possible, almost until pain occurs. Flexion position should be maintained then as long as possible and that will make the elements of the wrist elastic and even a bit longer (muscles, ligaments and tendons). Some caution has to be present always because there are also bones, nerves and blood vessels in wrist and with careless exercising, some of those elements can suffer from injury.

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