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Even though many people think that diet is the best andeasiest way to lose excess weight in short time, the truth is that it is farfrom easy and even further from healthy. Of course, this goes for fast diets,which are the type of the diet that people in question turn to. The main reasonfor this is the fact that each of them actually deprives the body of certainnutrients, and most usually, these nutrients are carbohydrates. On the otherside, there is an alternative, which is definitely the best possible way tolose weight. There are no possible consequences associated with it, and it ishighly recommended to follow this diet for as long as possible, because it isnothing else than healthy eating, which provides the body with all thenecessary nutrients.

Atkins diet – it is not that easy

Atkins diet is a type of fast diet, which has become very popularlately. According to the creator of this diet, refined carbohydrates are themain culprit for obesity, but there is no need to eliminate dietary fatsbecause it will only add to the problem in question. This diet is created insuch a way that the process in which the liver converts fats into fatty acidsis created, which the body later uses for energy. Since this diet is focused onunprocessed food, blood sugar levels will not be affected in a negative way. Thereare four phases of this diet, and it is necessary to stick to the rules inorder to achieve results.

However, what makes this diet difficult is the fact that anumber of unwanted symptoms will probably appear, although in some people morethan in others. It is associated with certain health risks, which is why it isimportant to consult a doctor before beginning. The person on this diet islikely to feel dizzy and experience cramps, as well as other effects which are actuallythe body’s reaction to the drastic changes in the diet. Another negative effectof this diet is that potassium is practically flushed out from the system. In orderto avoid accumulation of ketones, it is necessary to drink a lot of water eachday. It might also be a good idea to use some nutritional supplements, butagain, this is something that should be discussed with physician. And thegreatest concern of all the people on this diet is whether the lost pounds willreturn, which is, unfortunately, quite possible if the person returns to oldeating habits after this diet ends.

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