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No carb diet side effects

There are a few fad diets for weight loss that are very popular one minute and then nobody uses them the next. Among these fad diets there are plenty of low or no carb diets. The main reason why people decide not to go on a no carb diet is because of the side effects. There must be some side effects if a person does not intake any carbohydrates. A person will lose weight in a short period of time but it will become dangerous if he or she decides to follow this diet for a long period of time.

What is a no carb diet?

The point of this diet is that a person cuts down on the intake of complex sugars and carbohydrates. This type of diet is often used in treating certain diseases like epilepsy and diabetes mellitus for instance.

These diets that are low on carbohydrates, very low on carbohydrates or have absolutely no carbohydrates whatsoever seem to be very popular in America and they do not seem to fall out of fashion. The main reason is because of all people of all ages more than 30% are obese, according to studies. However, it is important that people understand that they need carbohydrates in order for their body to work properly. Organs like muscles, brain, kidneys and nervous system cannot function without carbohydrates. People who do not intake carbohydrates will suffer some side effects.

Side effects

Bad breathBad breath is one of the side effects which occurs if a person does not intake carbohydrates. The reason why this happens is because the body has no carbohydrates to burn for energy and will burn stored fats instead. When this happens, ketones build up and they are released through urine and breath.

KetoacidosisThis is a severe blood condition which happens when a person replaces carbohydrates with protein. When this happens, acidic substances named ketones build up. Some of the symptoms of this condition are vomiting, thirst, fatigue, shortness of breath and frequent urination.

ConstipationThis is the side effect that occurs most of the time with people who are on a no carb diet. Digestive problems occur because there is no fiber in the system to help.

Fatigue and brain fogPeople will experience headaches and fatigue because there will be not enough energy in the body. Concentration and mood will be affected if a person does not intake carbohydrates.

Kidney, liver and bone problemIf a person substitutes carbs with protein then his or her liver and kidneys must work harder to get rid of the excess nitrogen that builds up. These waste products may harm the kidneys and even cause some liver disease.

Poor nutritionIf a person decides to go on a no carb diet that means he or she will not be able to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains which will lead to insufficiency of some nutrients.

Increased disease riskPeople who follow this diet have a greater chance of ending up with a stroke, heart disease, colon cancer or some other disease.

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