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Atkins Diet Plan

The following lines will be dedicated to the Atkins dietplan, which consists of coffee and egg strips of bacon. Also, coffee with creamand pieces of cheese can be consumed as snacks. And for the dinner you can have a large steak fried in butter. We think that most of you are asking yourselves ifthis is really a diet plan since it includes such caloric foods. This diet planis not without a catch and we will see which. Carbohydrates need to be eliminated from the nutrition at the beginning of thediet plan, which also includes pasta, breads, chocolate and rice.The main principle behind this diet is the burning of stored fat and this canbe caused by elimination of carbohydrates from the nutrition. Carbs can burncalories, but fat does this more efficiently and this is why this diet promotesweight loss. The appetite suppression can be aided by the stabile blood sugarlevels. The first phase of the Atkins diet plan is Induction and it lasts 20 days.During this period, every day you can consume only 20g of carbohydrates butbutter, egg cream, chicken and red meat can be consumed in abundance. This isthe time when the body is getting accustomed to the fat burning process and not burning of the carbohydrates. The second phase is the weight loss and duringthis period you increase the carb intake by 5g every day until you get to theweight loss level. This is the amount of carbohydrates you can eat and losefrom one to 3 pounds per week.The third phase is Pre-Maintenance and this phase starts when you need to losefrom 5 to 10 pounds more to get to the ideal weight. During this period, you canincrease carb intake by 10g every day so that the body can get used to thecarb intake increase. The phase four is Lifetime Maintenance and it isfocused on the motivation. Every day you can consume 90g of carbs and you willhave to continue doing this your whole life.

Dangers and Risks

The chances of heart problems increase due to the intake ofsaturated fat rich foods, along with the reduction of the essential nutrientintake. Osteoporosis is a disease that can be developed due to the low intakeof calcium. Problems such as premature aging, heart diseases and cancer can be experienceddue to the consumption of food low in antioxidants. This diet can help you lose weight, but many think that onceyou end it, you will gain weight fast. Ketosis is a disease that can occur due to low carb intake and this is verydangerous for diabetics. High content of fat can lead to heart diseases,constipation and high cholesterol. Cancer is combated by antioxidants, whichare mostly located in vegetables and fruits, whose intake is reduced in thisdiet. However, you have to know that you will lose weight very fast if you practice thisdiet, but be aware of the fact that antioxidants, known for their ability to fight with cancer, are reduced inthis diet. Before you start with this diet, consult your doctor. Also, you haveto know that there are risks involved with the long-term use of Atkins diet, butit provides great results on a short run.

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